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    I decided to write again.

    A little background, I used to write. Like, a lot, in my younger times. I even had a blog contained my short stories and poem (good times, Friendster, thanks) and another in Blogspot served as an online journal. I ditched writing for quite some time, gave all my time, energy and writing “skills” into my job (I am a licensed Legal Advocate).

    Then one day, 14 November 2018, I woke up and realized I need to write again, for the sake of my sanity. Since I have my son (now 22 months old, that little ass kicker <3) I now rarely represent clients in Courts. I become a stay-at-home-mum, with all its glory and sleep deprivations (husband live in another city, but thats another story).

    Fast forward 24 hours since that “awakening”, I purchased a domain. Which should be named “Binge Theraphy” but yeay me didn’t check the right spelling, and at the end of check-out I cannot used “Binge Theraphy” as it is not the right spelling, and “Binge Therapy” already got an owner. So bye. I looked around my messy desk, and thought, heck, I drink green tea every morning for my skin (it helps, truly), let’s name this online Journal green tea for my soul!

    Then i purchased the domain, with the help of my more tech-savvy brother. So thank you, Brother. This first post is for you! 😉 (well, after i rant about myself tho)

    I knew I won’t be writing about lifestyles unless it include dirty diapers, potty training in near future, or beauty (hormonal acne loves me), no. I write what I love, I share what I need to share. I write for my own mental health since everyone deserve a healthy mind and healthy body. In the end, I hope if you ever find this online journal and (maybe–hopefully)  relate to my bubble, I wish you too a healthy mind and body.

    Thank you, Bro, you helped your technology illiterate sister to set up this online journal.