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  • Mental Health

    Darkness and The Light.

    image source: Pinterest


    Have you ever felt so overwhelm, as if  four walls closing in; or feeling like drowning,  suffocating and your body trembling?

    Have you ever lie on your bed and think, I am not belong here.

    Or you thought to yourself that I cannot take it anymore.

    Have you got so anxious that even the smallest memory or the tiniest hint of a sound scare you as fuck, you almost vomit?

    And then when you look around there is no help.

    All you see are fingers, pointing madly at you.

    YOU, they whispered. YOU.

    Judging with their eyes, with their voices and all of their foul souls.



    One or two person does not define your light. They did forged darkness to you, but darkness is needed to make light appreciated.

    And, my darling, YOU ARE THE LIGHT.

    #AnxietyBlob of Pinterest