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I am an Ambivert maneuvering this world, located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I’m in my 30s, mother to one son and consider myself a Pinterest girl; you’d find most of images in my online journal are taken from Pinterest. I listen to X Japan, Muse, Elvis Presley, the Beegees, Queen, Chopin, Dream Theatre, The Cranberries… well basically all range of music suits my taste and feelings. A big fan of Medieval times and World War II, I often think I was reincarnated from a German girl living in 1920s. Ah, who knows maybe I once lead a life as Lady of House Tyrell from the Reach 😉

People consider me as weird, and my therapist said I have this black and white thinking. So basically I write this journal as a writing-therapy, to fight off my own demons and to keep me sane. I enjoy binge watching in my spare time (SATC, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Law & Order, etc), my guilty pleasure is online shopping (who doesn’t nowadays?) and reading fan fiction.


Welcome. It is nice to meet you here.

I wish you all a good day ahead, and may the odds are ever be in your favor.