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SanSan a.k.a Sansa Stark x Sandor Clegane


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Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire (books series) / Game of Thrones (TV series)

all images source: Pinterest and DeviantART, belong to their respective artists.

Sansa Stark dan Sandor Clegane.

My current obsession 😀

Or at least, the book version of Sansa Stark dan Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, bukan versi TV series nya. Kalau di buku A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF) material mengenai mereka bener-bener banyak, sayangnya tidak teradaptasi dengan baik ke TV seriesnya. Game of Thrones season 1 masih relevan banget keberadaan SanSan seperti di buku, tapi di season terakhir GoT, The Hound udah keburu sibuk beyond the wall sama Jon and Co. 😀 Saya berharap banget versi buku mereka (yang saat ini belum juga keluar serie terbarunya!) bisa balik ngetemuin Sansa dan The Hound!

Kalian yang baca buku ASoIaF pasti tau gimana kondisi Sansa saat jadi tahanan politik di King’s Landing. Juga gimana posisi The Hound yang (saat itu) jadi sworn sword Joffrey. I like the idea that George R. R. Martin implicitly told readers that The Hound might love Sansa. I’d swoon over the idea! I mean, Joffrey tortured Sansa and beat her bloody (through his Kingsguards) but  The Hound is always there for Sansa, protecting her. Who doesn’t swoon over a man (who’s describe as brute, hulking over common people, strong AF and a VERY good fighter/soldier) that is protective of this tortured “little bird” ? 😀

Kayaknya sudah beberapa malam ini saya menyibukkan diri ngulik berbagai Fan Fiction, apalagi kalo bukan yang bahas tentang Sansa Stark dan The Hound. Agak susah sih, kebanyakan bahasnya Arya x Gendry, atau Jon x Daenarys… C’mon people… SanSan is obviously the sexiest couple, ever, in ASoIaF!

What, how did that sick opinion came, you asked? 😀

Did The Hound really loves Sansa Stark?

Tracy Atkins dari Quora menjawabnya cukup lengkap menurut saya:

What do we know of The Hound?

  • He is full of hate.
  • He thinks the sweetest thing is killing.
  • He’s rude, brutal, ferocious, and unkind.
  • He views people in general as meat. “and I’m the butcher.”
  • He knows, without doubt that everyone is a liar, only out for themselves.
  • He is still heavily traumatized from his brother’s brutality.
  • He drinks too much.
  • He’s scarey as hell. On purpose usually.
  • He is disillusioned, jaded, cynical.
  • He knows his job inside and out, and is very good at it.

Ok, thats alot to know about someone whos head we’ve never been inside of.

Does he love Sansa?

  • Well, he definitely treats her way better than he does everyone else. He’s still brutally honest, but he does temper it for her. (He doesn’t for Arya.)
  • He gave her a pet name. Not a nickname, a pet name. One that leaves no doubt that he does not view her as meer lieing meat but rather as a pretty little bird, with a head full of songs/fairy tales, in a sea of scheming meat and monsterous killers.
  • All but once Sansa discribes his physical handling of her as gentle to some degree… Does he seem like he’s typically gentle to you?
  • He told her his deepest darkest secret, it seemed like he didn’t want to but couldn’t stop himself.
  • He touches her everytime she’s within arms reach. (Doesn’t touch other people except as absolutely necessary.)
  • He seems to forget himself around her… Often… Though most of that is taken out of the show… Here’s some examples from the book :
  • In the book he did not get Joffrey to safety then rescue Sansa from rapists during the riot… He abandoned the royals entirely, leaving them to Boros and Meryn and the gold cloaks to save, and immediately cut a path to her side where he chopped a guy’s arm off to prevent her from being dragged off her horse… He also abandoned his beloved Stranger (His stallion.) to the crowd until she was safe.
  • He drunk-stalks her. Seriously. He cornered her on the steps and creeped pretty much everyone out talking about how grown up she is, how tall and pretty… He mentions her breasts… He’s stumbling drunk at the time.
  • He went, drunk off his ass, to her room and waited around for her to show up the night he abandoned King’s Landing, knowing it would be life or death if he got caught, to convince her to leave with him.
  • While there he obviously came very very close to kissing her just before he got really pissed at her reaction to that and threw her down on the bed.

(And presumably climbed in with her, looming over herhow else could she reach up and cup his face?)

(Ok, why get so mad at someone for not wanting you to kiss them? I’m pretty sure he’s had women not want him to kiss them before.)

  • Sex was definitely on his mind when he had her flat on her back in her bed. But he didn’t harm her in any way. Didn’t even touch her (other than the tip of his dagger at her throat.) that she noticed.
    • He demanded her to sing him the LOVE SONG of Florian and Jonquil while holding a dagger to her throat.

He litterally choked up and cried when she sang him “The Mother’s Hymn.” A song about mercy. Mercy for him, not mercy from him. Then she reached up and cupped his scarred cheek. (That’s something I bet no woman has ever done.) She touched his heart by doing that. He wept, said her name (Well, his name for her really.) very raggedly, climbed off the bed, ripped off his white cloak, threw it on the floor at her feet and left immediately. Does this sound anything like The Hound discribed at the top of this post?

  • From his later statement: ‘I should have fucked her bloody and tore her heart out before leaving her for that dwarf.’ -While making a deathbed confession to try to provoke her sister into killing him.

Why concern himself with her heart if he doesn’t care about/want her heart?

  • People only give deathbed confessions of things they are ashamed of. I.E. He is ashamed of wanting to have sex with her so much that in a drunken/traumatized state he likely considered (momentarily) forcing her.

(That’s not the thinking of a would be rapist… Rape is about power and violation and humiliation… Rapists are NOT ashamed of wanting to rape someone. It isn’t the physical feeling that gets a rapist off, it’s the power trip. So sex is the operative word here. Not Rape.)

He didn’t touch her because he doesn’t actually want to ‘fuck’ her… He wants her to participate willingly, like in the pretty little love SONG(s) in her head.

I.E. He wants to make a love SONG with her. He’s just unfamiliar with that urge… no doubt he has no idea what to do about it and probably would never admit to such a romantic feeling, even to himself. He would consider such feelings as weakness.

Does he love her? Yes, but more to the point, he’s in love with her.


Siapa sih yang ga suka kisah “Si Cantik dan Si Buruk Rupa”?

Walau dalam beberapa kesempatan saya baca, George R.R. Martin sebenarnya tidak bermaksud mengklasifikasikan The Hound dalam ketegori “buruk rupa”. Hanya saja memang The Hound di deskripsikan memiliki bekas luka bakar yang gak semua orang tahan liatnya, but honestly who doesn’t? That guy got a really burnt so bad on his face.

Kalau pernah dengar don’t judge a book by its cover kayaknya hidup The Hound cocok banget. Saya suka gimana plot untuk The Hound berkembang makin baik di ASoIaF universe. Awal plot dia dikenal sebagai mesin pembunuh dengan mulut kasar (tapi jujur 😀 ) , belakangan The Hound mulai nunjukin sisi soft nya (to who else, our damsel in distress, Sansa) dan membimbing / melindungi Sansa dengan caranya sendiri… Saya lebih suka type yang seperti ini karena mengingatkan saya juga untuk tidak menilai seseorang dari penampilan saja, melainkan dari karakter nya.

Fan Fiction yang lagi saya baca: The Hound’s Reward. (21+)

Apa kamu nulis Fan Fiction juga? 🙂

beautiful artworks from Pinterest, and DeviantART (thank you Magdalena!)