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I am an Ambivert maneuvering this world, located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I’m in my 30s, mother to one son and consider myself a Pinterest girl; you’d find most of images in my online journal are taken from Pinterest. I promise will credited everyone I knew of, otherwise will stated it was taken from Pinterest. I listen to X Japan, Muse, Queen, Chopin, The Cranberries, and basically all range of music suits my taste and feelings. A big fan of Medieval times and World War II, I often think I was reincarnated from a German girl living in 1920s. Ah, who knows maybe I once lead a life as Lady of House Tyrell from the Reach 😉

Well, OK, the last one only be in my head (and G.R.R. Martin, bless his soul may his next book of Songs of Ice and Fire come out soon).




Welcome. It is nice to meet you here.

I wish you all a good day ahead, and may the odds are ever be in your favor.


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